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Installation Instructions:

  1. Left-click the download link of the language you want to download (for KeePass 1.x click the '[1.x+]' link; for KeePass 2.x click the '[2.x+]' link) and save the ZIP archive to a place of your choice.
  2. Unpack the ZIP archive (for example with 7-Zip) and move the language file (LNG/LNGX) into the application directory of KeePass (in which KeePass.exe is). You can now delete the ZIP archive.
  3. Start KeePass, go 'View' -> 'Change Language' and select your language. Restart KeePass.

If you're using an old version, please have a look in the 1.x / 2.x translations archives.

Flag Arabic S. Al-Farhood Contact, A. Gharbeia Download [1.11+] [2.x] n. avail.
Flag Bahasa Melayu Khairul Nizam Bin Taha Contact Download [1.05+] [2.x] n. avail.
Flag Belarusian Andrew Gavrushenko Contact Download [1.18+] [2.x] n. avail.
Flag Bulgarian P. Uchkunof (2.x), DonAngel Contact (1.x) Download [1.10+] Download [2.10+]
Flag Burmese T. Hlaing (2.x), R. Kyaw (1.x) Download [1.23+] Download [2.19+]
Flag Catalan Albert Morera Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Chinese, Simp. Leo Dou Contact Download [1.31+] Download [2.34+]
Flag Chinese, Trad. Kao Shiang-Yuan Contact Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Croatian I. Bunjevac Contact (2.x), D. Vuković Contact (1.x) Download [1.14+] Download [2.29+]
Flag Czech M. Klíma and R. Tlapák and M. Pavelka (2.x), P. Chramosta and T. Glabasňa (1.x) Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Danish Christian Staal Contact Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Dutch Hilbrand Edskes Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag English Dominik Reichl Contact Built-in, no download
Flag Estonian A. Kuhlberg (2.x), A. Viiand Contact (1.x) Download [1.14+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Finnish J. Hurtig (2.x), A. Tähtinen (1.x) Download [1.11+] Download [2.18+]
Flag French Ronan Plantec Contact Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Galician Jesús Amieiro Download [1.10+] [2.x] n. avail.
Flag German Dominik Reichl Contact Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Greek N. J. Kampouridis Contact (2.x), S. Vradelis (1.x) Download [1.25+] Download [2.21+]
Flag Hebrew Oded Eli Contact (2.x), Tomer Shalev Contact (1.x) Download [1.04+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Hungarian Pc Szerviz and Pc (2.x), Herka and Zotius (1.x) Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Icelandic Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson Contact [1.x] n. avail. [2.x] in dev.
Flag Indonesian Contact [1.x] n. avail. Download [2.23+]
Flag Italian Mauro Rossi Contact and Luca 'Hexaae' Longone Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Japanese Hiroki Matsumoto Contact Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Korean Airplanez Contact (2.x), P. D. Beom Contact (1.x) Download [1.04+] Download [2.34+]
Flag Latin Mikael Hiort af Ornäs Contact (2.x), Akkadites Contact (1.x) Download [1.30+] Download [2.29+]
Flag Lithuanian Vytautas Rėkus Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Macedonian Oliver Noveski Download [1.04+] [2.x] n. avail.
Flag Norwegian, Bokmål J.-T. Edvardsen Contact (2.x), K. Schjønhaug Contact (1.x) Download [1.19+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Norwegian, Nynorsk Yngve Spjeld Landro Contact Download [1.32+] [2.x] n. avail.
Flag Pashto Mostafa Sadat [1.x] n. avail. Download [2.29+]
Flag Persian Torment Download [1.16+] Download [2.08+]
Flag Polish Marcin Czerwien Contact Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Portuguese, BR C. Mantovani Contact (2.x), MCHAL (1.x) Download [1.17+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Portuguese, PT José Gonçalves Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Punjabi, Indian Gurmeet Singh Kochar Contact Download [1.19+] [2.x] n. avail.
Flag Romanian F. C. Russen Contact, R. Velcsov Download [1.18+] Download [2.22+]
Flag Russian Andrew Gavrushenko Contact Download [1.31+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Serbian Ozzii Contact Download [1.23+] Download [2.23+]
Flag Slovak Marián Hikaník Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Slovenian Z. P. Lipičnik, I. Osredkar, P. Klofutar Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Spanish Marcel Trujillo Contact Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Swedish M. Hiort af Ornäs Contact (2.x), J. Boström Contact (1.x) Download [1.32+] Download [2.30+]
Flag Thai L. Suwancharthree, P. Kaephukhieo Download [1.11+] [2.x] n. avail.
Flag Turkish Kaya Zeren Contact Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Ukrainian Alexey Zinchuk Contact Download [1.32+] Download [2.35+]
Flag Vietnamese Trần Minh Phương, Hà Mạnh Tuấn Contact Download [1.15+] Download [2.35+]

Note: if you want to update an existing translation or create a 2.x translation that doesn't exist yet, please first contact the current translator(s)!

Thanks to the following people for maintaining translations in the past: Michael Åström (Swedish up to 0.92a), Maciej Chojnacki (Polish up to 1.04), Alexander Pettersson (Swedish), Henrik Gregersen (Danish up to 1.04), Carles Millán (Catalan up to 1.04), Radoslav Bielik (Slovak up to 1.04), Documan (Hungarian up to 1.04), Fabio Negri Cicotti (Brazilian Portuguese up to 1.11), Kees Koenders (Dutch up to 1.07), Donaldas Apanavicius (Lithuanian up to 1.04), Johan Adolfsson (Swedish up to 1.09), Erhan Burhan (Turkish up to 1.11), Marc Tissot and Audran Moulard (French up to 1.17), Wasilis Mandratzis (Greek up to 1.04), Knut Schjønhaug (Norwegian Bokmål up to 2.15), Marc Folch and Securedigital (Catalan up to 1.18).

Translations Additional Contributed/Unofficial Resources

Resource Author Link
Flag French Manual (1.06) Marc Tissot Download Download
Flag German Handbook (1.x & 2.x) Dominik Reichl Info Info
Flag Italian Manual (1.06) Claudio Gucchierato, Raffaella Signorelli Download Download
Flag Macedonian ReadMe (1.00) Oliver Noveski Download Download
Flag Portuguese Manual (1.13) MCA Download Download
Flag Russian Manual (1.05) Boris L. Zanin Download Download
Flag Spanish Manual (1.00) Fco. Javier Rodriguez Mesa Download Download
Flag Swedish Manual (2.20) Mikael Hiort af Ornäs Download Download
Flag Swedish Tutorial (2.20) Johan Eliasson Info Website

Translations For Translation Developers

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