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If you have KeePass usage questions, improvement suggestions or found a bug, post it in one of the forums: KeePass Forums.

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Dominik Reichl
Haydnstr. 12
72555 Metzingen


Tel.: (0049) 0173 4621639

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Important: Please do not send any KeePass usage questions or improvement suggestions to the addresses above (e-mail, postal and telephone)! They will be ignored. Use these addresses only in case of legal issues (like requests for KeePass distribution permission in magazines) or for donation questions.

If you have questions about KeePass or improvement ideas, post them in one of the KeePass forums. Thanks!

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Dominik Reichl
Key ID: 58C6F98E.
Key Fingerprint: D950 4428 3EE9 48D9 11E8 B606 A4F7 62DC 58C6 F98E.
Public Key: [ASC File] [58C6F98E ASC signed by FEB7C7BC].


Dominik Reichl
Key Fingerprint: 2171 BEEA D0DD 92A1 8065 5626 DCCA A5B3 FEB7 C7BC.
Public Key: [ASC File] [].

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